Gifted Knight Saves the Daaay !

“I am unstoppable!”

My Hero is nothing like a normal superhero. Gifted Knight has the ability to help people with mostly anything people need. She only wears her power outfit when needed to help or save someone. She only uses her power during the night; she uses her blue light sword to see and fight the evil superheroes.  Her blue sword is a great help to her because it helps her to see the evil or good in people. Also uses it as he sheild/protection while fighting the wicked. She also karate chops people when then attack; she has the black belt in Karate! She teaches younger people that are inspired by her to learn karate. She was asked to teach karate by her own karate teacher. More kids showed up to her karate lesson beacause kids were motivated by her work of helping ours when in danger.  Gifted Knight’s name is really Natalie; that is why is has the letter on her power outfit.   

Here is a little bit of Gifted Knight background and past stories. Gifted Knight is from Hepocanbuncaroom. Hepocanbuncaroom is a new country beside Brazil. Her move was sudden because, she was called to defend people of her new country. She is moving back in fourth from Canada to Hepocanbuncaroom. She was born August of 1989, she has two siblings. She does not know who her parents are, she was given up for adoption when she was born, as well as her two siblings. Her mission now is to find her birth parents.

Gifted Knight has killed the horrible and the saved as well as protected the good. Help save the people of our earth just like Gifted Knight.

My Adventures @ St.Agnes

Hello Edublogers,

Hii I am Natalie !

 I’m going to blog about my School. I attεnd St. Agnes School. I am in Grade Eight, and my teacher is Mr.Pearson. I have been here for ten years now, and I am proud to say it has been my one and only school. I am School President, which means I get to arange fun days for the students here. From now, until the end of June, Marissa and I have planned many fun dates, such as: Whacky Hair Day, Twin Day, South of the Border Day, a Talent Show, and many more before the year comes to end.  

My prinicpal, Mrs. Girard, has been her for 3 years now, and alot of things have changed. Since it is alomst the end of the year, our class has been deliberating about where we are spending our year end field trip. We’ve finally picked to go camp out in Camp Kennisere for a night. We plan on having loads of  fun!

Now, my classmates. There 26 of them, and each has their own interesting personality. My teacher, Mr. Pearson, is a one of a kind teacher! Mr. Coleman always said to me, “Be careful when you get to that class; it is that a jungle in there!”  And boy, he was right. My first day of grade 7 was the most miserable day of my life!  He was loud, he held a ruler in one hand, and then when math came along…  I would crunch down in my seat and would think that maybe he would just forget about me! But, as predicted, that plan was a failure.

So, these are my adventures of my school life at St. Agnes School so far, and there are still 3 months left of school. anything can happen here!